Peer Leaders

Teens Lead at Work (TL@W) was created in October, 2001 to address the alarming rates of teen worker fatalities and injuries while helping teens make a difference in creating their own futures. TL@W is composed of teens from the Dorchester, Hyde Park, and other neighborhoods of Boston, as well as teens from the greater Boston area, including Somerville. They have worked on a year-long workplace violence campaign, provided health and safety training for other youths and worked to pass a reform of the Massachusetts Child Labor Laws which had not been updated in nearly 70 years. Currently, the TL@W program is responsible for making sure that the Attorney General enforces the Child Labor Law reforms through their role as part of the Child Labor Law Task Force.

How do I become a Peer Leader?


TL@W provides a valuable professional experience and fosters confidence and work ethic in its participants. This is a youth-led program that encourages each participant to develop to their full capacity. Each term, 8 teens apply for the position and are peer-selected with help from the TL@W coordinator. Students from age 14 to 18 are welcome to apply from neighborhoods throughout the greater Boston area.

The Peer Leaders ask that you:

  • have an interest in your community
  • be ready to work with others
  • be friendly, energetic and thoughtful
  • be a leader, not a follower
  • be committed to the cause

What the TL@W Experience Provides:

Teens Lead at Work Peer Leaders achieve success in the classroom, the workplace, and the community.

  • Peer Leaders become researchers in their own communities, honing their observation and listening skills to determine core objectives
  • They take part in the legislative process, gaining experience with the media, the state government, and making their vision a reality
  • They learn to work as a team, overcoming gender, racial, and cultural differences to form lasting friendships and develop an influential voice
  • They also learn to work as part of a coalition or an alliance, giving them an opportunity to mirror many workplace situations
  • They learn how to take strategic political action, using careful research, planning and timelines to develop and achieve their goals

Peer leaders are hired at various times throughout the year. Contact TL@W Coordinator Nancy Luc for information.