Dying for Work

April 28, 2007 marks the 19 th observance of Workers Memor ial Day, when we r emember workers who wer e killed, made ill or injur ed on their jobs. We reflect on tragedies such as the train accident that took the lives of two rail workers in Woburn and the fishing accident that took t he lives of four fisher men in New Bedford, both of which occurred in January, 2007; and renew our commit ment to the fight for safe jobs.

Who is Dying, Being Injured or Made Ill at Work in Massachusetts?

Seventy­six workers in Massachusetts lost their lives on the job in 2006 – most suffered fatal injuries at work. An average of 1.5 worker deat hs occurred each week. Included are seven firefight ers who died from work­related cancer and heart disease. For ever y worker killed on the job, ten mor e die from occupational disease. An estimated 750 workers died in 2006 in Massachusetts from occupational disease. An est imat ed 1,900 workers in
Massachusetts wer e newly diagnosed wit h cancers caused by workplace exposur es, and 50,000 mor e wer e seriously injur ed. This report also includes eight een servicemen and women from Massachusetts who died as a result of the war in Iraq in 2006 and through April 8, 2007; and three servicemen who died in Afghanistan in 2006 and through April 8, 2007.

Download Report: Dying for Work in Massachusetts [PDF, 24 pages]