Safer Alternatives to Toxic Chemicals

Scientific evidence increasingly indicates that many toxic chemicals at work and at home are contributing to an epidemic of disease. The good news is that many toxic chemicals can be replaced with safer alternatives. This bill creates a program to promote these alternatives.

To advocate for better occupational safety and health protection, the MassCOSH assists the labor movement and other worker advocates in legislative and regulatory processes in Massachusetts. Includes legislation MassCOSH is sponsoring or supporting.

Floor Finishing Hazards

Bill promotes floor finishing safety through certification and prohibiting the sale of highly flammable floor finishing products.

Temp Workers Right to Know Bill

Bill obligates temp agencies to disclose to critical information to their
workers, such as rate of pay, where they are assigned to work, duration of
the assignment, type of work and much more.

Health and Safety protections for Public Employees

Executive order and legislation designed to provide health and safety
protections to public workers who are exposed to a wide range of hazards.

Healthy schools and Public Buildings

House Bill created to rectify that poorly maintained schools and public
buildings threaten the health and safety of children, teachers, and school