LEAPS for Adults

ATTENTION youth workers, after-school programs, teachers and coaches… did you know that you can get PAID to attend a leadership program with your teen group over April vacation?!

Leadership Education and Action to Promote Safety (LEAPS) for Young Workers is a three-day conference for youth focused on workplace violence prevention, young worker safety and health, and the Child Labor Law.

LEAPS offers young people:

  • A hands-on, action-based learning three-day EXPERIENCE
  • A chance to develop leadership and teamwork skills
  • An opportunity to build an action plan to take back to their community
  • A stipend for implementing their ideas after the conference

Throughout the conference, young people will work in groups, be supported by their peers and be encouraged by adult advisors to develop their ideas. The final action plans can be focused on a variety of topics: community education, media, or policy projects – all in order to prevent workplace violence and to promote young worker health and safety!

This is a great opportunity for youth groups who incorporate service learning, community building or teamwork into their program!

LEAPS is a 'team-based' conference and youth (ages 14-17) must sign up in groups of 4-6 with at least one adult advisor, over age 21.

To apply for LEAPS both the adult leader and teen participants should fill out an application and send them together to MassCOSH by January 31st, 2008. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and confirmed participants will be notified by February 29th.

Questions? Please contact MassCOSH's Youth Coordinator, Nancy Luc at nancy.luc@masscosh.org or 617-825-7233 x13.

Are you an individual teen that's interested? Go Here.

Are you a union or organization interested in sponsoring LEAPS? Go Here.